Her world was cruelly destroyed.

She sits down in pain,

with that look inside her eyes.

The look of a life, going insane.


She cracks a smile through a horrid cry,

a wicked laugh in eternal shame.

Using her nails to mutilate her skin,

cut herself a final grin.


She stares to me and lifts her knife,

pointed at her heart, ready to go.

And through my sorrow and my fear;

My love for her screams:



  • Zojinjo

    Got the picture from internet and it inspired me so much.
    Whoever made it, thank you!

  • Cheeky Missy

    La, but what an imagination to draw this story line from the image......yet, thanks to the image...the poem makes some better sense, though I much appreciate your author's explanation on it....her boyfriend should stop her, if he truly loves her, and not let her completely destroy herself though she has been thus vilely used and abused. In a more rational frame of mind, he might have her, and she MIGHT forgive the desecration done her in the comfort of his love. Seeing he loves her, he is NOT the cruel perpetrator of the defilement, right? As for the poem...together with the image inspiring it, your words went well with the image and made the horrible moment come alive....Excellent!

    • Zojinjo

      You're right, he is not the perpetrator. He is the one who truly loves her and she truly loves him. But shame and fear can make people do crazy things. This poem is as a word to everyone who thinks about suicide.

      "Remember, there is always someone who loves you. And that love is worth living for."

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