Please forgive me

I need to say im sorry
For causing you this pain
I put you in this position
Where there’s nothing you can gain

I'm sorry I got mad
I'm sorry that I cry
But I hope that you can see
Because the truth is that I try

I really have no reason
To act the way I do
I guess it’s just to hide the fact
That I'm truly feeling blue

And I just want you to know
Its you I can’t live without
And I hope that you believe me
Because that’s true without a doubt

I hope that you forgive me
For all that I’ve done wrong
Because I need you in my life
To continue being strong

I know that once before
I tried to get you back
I just can’t let you see
That there’s so much that I lack

So please just one more time
Help me put this in the past
Because you are my true friend
And our memories will always last…


  • Cheeky Missy

    Well-written. You hint at the reason she needs to forgive, and if she loves you, she must forgive....I hope she does. It's a bittersweet cry, with almost a hopeful, or rather insistent plea, be forgiven, which we cannot demand, and cannot really live without, it seems. Nicely done.

  • mvvenkataraman

    Heart is exactly like a glass/
    Once it is broken by oversight/
    Attaching will be damn tough/
    As it is controlled by mind/

    A wound caused by fire/
    May heal one day surely/
    But, an unkind word told/
    May cause unending pain/

    Never take love for granted/
    Whatever may be your sex/
    Love is a holy feeling indeed/
    Please repeat not the blunder/


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