A lone house stands far from the road.

Shadows seen through the window,

by flickering candlelight.

She's trying to push trough his vigorous grip.

Fighting along tears and fright.


He strokes her arm, she scratches his skin.

He hits her hard, and again.

She wants to escape, but know she can't.

In fading hope, she makes her last stand...


But her spirit breaks, her strength weakens,

as he throws her down another time.

Suddenly she feels his lips, kissing her's.

And he whispers with threatening voice:

Tonight, you're mine...”


  • Cheeky Missy

    Oh, la. But you are crafting this eerily! Depicting the horrible scene so chillingly. Excellently portrayed....poor girl! What a vile story such an image wrought...unfortunately I am enjoying (reluctantly?) your tale...can you give it a happy ending somehow?

    • Zojinjo

      Well, saying if I am going to give it a happy ending or not would give away some spoilers... if I can call it that.

      But if you want to know, send me a private message and I'll tell you.

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