Polyamor (Haiku)


My Polyamour

Rending me with sudden shame

They turned against me



  • Cheeky Missy

    What is a "polyamour"? I couldn't find the word in my dictionary....seems "poly" might signify diverse, and "amour" definitely seems to be referring to love. So is it a diverse love? It's an intriguing delightful little piece, being a haiku. I like it very well.....is it saying your loves made a fool of you, breaking your heart and turning against you? Excellent.

    • Zojinjo

      Poly means "More than one" or "Many", where as Amour means "Love"
      A polyamour is a relationship with 2 or more people. (Often they know it, but sometimes they don't.)
      In this Haiku, a man has a relationship with two women and they both don't know it. When they find out, they turn against him, and the once so glorious relation(s) of the man, leave(s) him heartbroken and in shame.

      • Cheeky Missy

        Ah, bravo! Now I was told a nasty story of the other side.....a preacher's daughter was dating three men, each ignorant of the other; when her father found out, furious, he somehow managed to get all three of them to think to take her on a date on the same night, at the same time...showing up at his doorstep therefore, they began to question each other, and the nasty truth was out and she had nobody for all that....something like that. La, wonder how often that happens?

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