flipped script

Some people are so petty

Its crazy how cruel people can be

How can a person be someone’s best friend

And yet act the way you do

Shit is crazy how people be hating

People think they are being replaced by another

And that they being shut out

When they the one that’s pushing the people that care about them away

Best friends supposed to be there no matter what

This my dear you have not done

And when you have

 It was easy to tell that your heart was not in it

No one is being fooled by this act

The truth has come out

It is sad that you are jealous of a friendship with another

This is some bullshit seriously

Who the fuck do you think you are telling me who I should and shouldn’t be friends with

Only god has the right to truly judge a person

Shit just got real

No more nicey nice yo

Im done with your bullshit

Fuck it!





  • Cheeky Missy

    Doubtless the foul language was for effect, if we stand back and consider this as merely a piece of writing; nonetheless, it is distasteful. You excellently expressed the situation.....yet perhaps cut the offender some slack, they are no less selfish than you, and fooling themselves in thinking they are your "best friend"....maybe?

    • boricuamami222

      well i was venting so i believe that the language was just right nd the person i wrote about is indeed petty when it comes to what went down. if only if you read the facebook message or even knew whats goin on would truly understand the mindset of why i wrote it the way that i did

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