Leonard Dabydeen

If Colour Matters Not


I did

not feature

my inner self

black or white or somewhere in between tint:


How will I know what is reality

in innocence

if colour




  • Leonard Dabydeen

    February is Black History Month in North America...my colonial escapades in the embellishment and abolisment of slavery...of journeys that reflect landmarks in the Caribbean and the Americas...of Cuffy and Akara (Guyana), Toussaint Louverture ( Haiti ) , George Washington Carver ( U.S.A. ), Martin Luther King Jr. ( U.S.A. )...and more...

  • tamm13

    color does'nt really matter to me its because each of them has its own beauty...all colors are unique..

    • Leonard Dabydeen

      the world
      to be colour
      blind when injustices ripen like fruit.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Very intriguing and fascinating....I stupidly am struggling to understand it....colour matters not while children are untaught and ignorant, does it not? They only see the differences that everywhere abound....but prejudices in regard to colour are taught, whether subtly or openly, aren't they? Are you suggesting that if we are not characterizing ourselves in one colour or another then we are not honest? Or that we will not know others honestly in reality? In the case of injustice...isn't there only black or white/right or wrong? I know no other. Since we are all of one blood, colour is only a matter of preference, seriously, isn't it? Hatred flourishes by prejudice in so many other things than simply skin colour. Alright, there is my dumb answer....will you explain what it means?

      • Leonard Dabydeen

        You've done well, Cheeky, in trying to interpret and understand the meaning of the poem. But it would not be prudent for me to offer an explanantion. I leave this for those who are free to express their opinion as to the meaning of the poem. My main focus or theme is to highlight Black History Month.
        Read more on Black History as time permits you. You'll certainly have better understanding of the writer's thoughts.
        Thank you for your critique.

      • sarange Ondieki


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