Surfacing Past

Some memories, some moments, some experiences
Come back to me in pulses. Pulses of my heart
The times, the wonderful times I spent with you
Derange me when I realize those days are now lost!
Driving me insane is your absence that kills me every now and then
The pains ineffable, intolerable, forms a never ending chain
Trying to escape absterge all the horrors from my mind
I end up ruining, myself, in the worst of its kind
Searching a new beginning, I wander, aimlessly
Every chance, every time I squander, regardlessly
Turning me paranoid those abysmal nostalgia
Bound in wrought steel chains, I’m held back by my inertia
I see me drowning to the depths and there is nothing I can do
There is not a single straw by my side which I could hold on to
Oh god is it over or am i yet to be burnt alive in hell
This wrecked ship of my love can no longer sail
Tormented visions and thoughts that forever blur my sight
It seems there's not a chance of being the victor in this fight
Giving up was not in my nature yet the wanton in me was made servile
Stagnated in the sea of time i stood crumbled,jumbled by tempests vile
Oh lost i am ,oh ruined i am ,as i sing my own elegy 
Every breathe i take stings me harder than any bloody bee!
When your past surfaces in your heart,runs through your blood ,it mutilates you
And when your mind is frail to fight back ,it simply kills you!


  • Rajat


    • BattleChrist

      Thanks Rajat !!! This isn't superb though ,it is good for lyric purpose only, Without the tune the true emotions don't surface well!

    • Cheeky Missy

      I would love to hear it set to music....for even without lyrics, music is exceeding powerful, holding sway over us...with such powerful lyrics as you've given above, it undoubtedly a very moving song. The image is perfect. The lyrics poignant.....I love how you expressed the heartache....Excellent!!

      • BattleChrist

        Thank you so much ,I too am as eager to set tune to this lyric . Poetry dipped in pain speaks for itself!!

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