erin wynette


 is this right or wrong, hope the answer is right

coz i could no longer control my feelings for you, oh my!

every second of the day your always in my mind

and wherever i may be,the thought of you makes me smile.

it might be so fast but i don't give a damn

i had to tell you,for all i care in 4 days time

i do believe in you and i believe this is love

no one can interfere coz now you're all mine!

your voice, your smile, your laughters drive me crazy

that i wanted so much to talk to you the whole day

the racket in my chest makes me feel uneasy

those songs of yours make me feel i'm a himei

i love you! i love you! please don't leave me

stay with me forever and for eternity

coz you are my life, my love and you're everything to me



  • erin wynette

    wow thank you!!!hope he also appreciate it like you do!God bless

  • Cheeky Missy

    Wonderful! I am very happy for you two! This is a delightful and beautiful romantic love piece...your title is too perfect! I quite enjoyed this!!

  • erin wynette

    thanks again sissy!!!though am always having trouble with titles...

    • Cheeky Missy

      Ya, I know how that goes....and so does everyone else! Titles can be such an enticement, drawing the prospective reader to look further, so coming up with a good title is only useful if the piece itself is worth reading....and yet a poor title will make a good piece's definitely a challenge.

      • erin wynette

        yes you are right...the title should be catchy and somewhat

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