When you bleed in your conscience that pricks you hard as hell 
And drown in the oceans of sins of toxic ale 
Encumbered outnumbered by predators of your flesh 
And lonely,insanely your heart does start to race
With horror and terror,you puke and choke to death
Inevitable nemesis follows all your breath
You craze your fingers digging deep your eyes
And strangle your own neck in effort of goodbyes
Yes you fail! because the time craves you suffer
And bear a pain in your heart that slowly gets rougher
Bear it as a spear pierced through your dying heart
To remind you of those filthy deeds committed on your part
They say and claim this is an inquisition
And that they pray to the lord for my spirit's salvation
Yet the savageness with which they torture this wrecked soul
I think is even worse than when you're burnt alive and whole.
Yes you fall! because you're hollowed from within
And crush and crumble to the earth with pain that burns your spleen 
You groan and shriek with the fear slowly creeping in
Locked in deathly dark vaults you tear at your skin!
They watch with frozen hearts with no dint of pity
And merciless they interrogate the left life out of me
They snap my fingers and twist my toes with hate
And watch me plead for my death and rejoice as i excruciate
OH HELL!!!!!
Oh hell,does it feel when your buried in alive
not in a coffin but in ice and in vain do you strive
Your end inevitable is the solace of your mind
But the pain intolerable devours all peace you find
Oh death be my Saviour,and free me from this chain
Yes death be the victor with all my grief now slain!


  • Cheeky Missy

    Hmmm. If reminiscent of other experiences in life, which provoke such mental anguish it is excellent; but you intended the real inquisition, which the image you chose so aptly that, I rather disagree....did they really torture to death the sinners? I thought the inquisition was for the true, who were condemned by the false and thus so devilishly treated/extinguished. Very fascinating description of the inquisition....evoking the horrors of that devilish practice.

    • BattleChrist

      Well, you are correct and i meant the same ,This poem is intended only to depict the inhuman torture done to the innocent and the true. the sins i've talked of are, the sins those innocents had been accused of and which they hadn't necessarily committed!!This poem is not is support of the inquisitors rather its a depiction of the transcended limits of savagery in the name of God.Its a depiction of the hypocrisy of the church of that period!

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