erin wynette

the one

i couldn't believe that i found the one,

who,when i lock eyes with would make my world shine bright

possesing those  sparkling chinky eyes,

which i love to stare the whole day and night.



it is a dream i could say, for unexpectedly you passed by,

the time when i decided to live on my own for the rest of my life.

my messed up world turned upside down,

i couldn't believe you fixed my ruined life!



i couldn't live without you now,

i wouldn't smile if you'll gonna leave me behind.

i won't stand up with this feeling- feather-like,

if you'll not be mine today, tomorrow and till the day i die!



some are happy, some are not

some condemn and laugh at us

they question us, they talk against us

and some might also stab us at the back!



but am not afraid, as long as you're here

my one great love is with me, who could interfere?!.

my love for you is as strong as steel

rust-free, stainless, forever be pure and clear!



  • Cheeky Missy

    Sweet....I quite enjoyed your "author comment" offering further insight on this....made me smile...yup! He is delightful inspiration...I know how that'll be fun to see what all he inspires your pen to share. "The One" is a fine title; since you indicated indecision, you could also use "eyes" in the title...maybe "Your Eyes"?

  • erin wynette

    how i wanted to share all my poems for him but then, some are written in our dialect (ILOCANO, coz am from ILOCOS..northern philippines) and some in TAGALOG/FILIPINO, our national language...

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