jvl narasimha rao


India is the biggest democratic state

The voters always decide her fate

The fate of a political party depends on its popularity

The powerful and tactful party gets the majority


One party discusses the construction of Rama’s temple

Its political, hidden agenda is very simple

The other parties talk about secularity

It always tries to woo the considerable minority


The other leftist parties often talks about the poor

They never get their votes for sure

Before the election liquor flows like a river

Voters get money notes in a beautiful cover


The luckiest party grabs the power

The elected members try to climb the tower

Corruption seems to be the order of the day

No part is likely to show the right way


In democracy, parties are meant

To be different. But that is not quite apparant











  • BattleChrist

    Your poetry comments well on the true face of the political system of our country with a pleasant hint of humor ,i especially liked the lines
    " Before the election liquor flows like a river
    Voters get money notes in a beautiful cover"

    • jvl narasimha rao

      Dear Battle christ.Corruption in democracy inevitable but there is no alternative for that.I think the situation is the same in your state too.Thanks for your comments and rating.
      yours lovingly,

      • BattleChrist

        Well yes the condition is same throughout the country , Bengal has been suffering much owing to it !! however we could still hope to see a change if Mamata Banerjee wins the next state elections!! But as they say "Power Corrupts" I fear how helpful would any change be to us!

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      • Cheeky Missy

        Delightful! This is a rather amusing tribute to an only too familiar political party. You expressed it frankly with a welcome touch of humor...I enjoyed, though in reality it is not amusing.

      • jvl narasimha rao

        Dear Cheeky, What do you think about democracy in your country?Is it the same? I think Americans are totally different.More advanced and less corruptivem a bit more flexible.
        yours lovingly,

        • Cheeky Missy

          Dear JVL,
          Well, here is where I may expose my ignorance....but as far as I can tell, democracy in my country is not really so very different....perhaps we are more civilized, yes, but the corruption is the same; also, we are supposed to be a democracy "IN a republic" which representative form of government should put a different spin on plain democracy. But the corruption, vile dealings and nefarious deeds seem to me perhaps more advanced here...but again, I show my ignorance thereby, for I cannot presently say so for certainty.

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