H!gh Vltg3

El3c7ric ci®cuits w1t saf3ty ©onc3rns,

@ d3ngero∩$ shøck !f the caßl3 brn$.

A 1000W∂tt's & a milliøn V0lt$,

wh3r3 th3 3l3ctric fi3ld ∩nfolds.


El3ctri© ch∂rg3 ƒnds-wir3sXd,

@nd all 7h3 pwe® now is løst.

D!sch@rg3 sprk3d thro∩gh v0ltag3 h!gh.

Di3lEctric ßr3akdown in th3 Þow3r suppl¥.


R3mb3r 2 w∂rn the t3chnical‹commis$ion,

abøut ∃l€ctric Þ0wer tr∂n$mi$$i0n.

S∃3 the spa¶ks from a esla Co!l,

& in wtr... El3c7ric ch∂rg3 will bo!l.


  • Cheeky Missy

    I think I read it,.....As for getting a shock...how did you get yours? I "helped" a prong on a TV plug into the outlet.....felt like it went speedily straight through from the finger on the one hand out through the finger on the other; my heart didn't like it either, and I contemplated the wonder of still being alive and my great accidental stupidity.

    • Zojinjo

      Well, my shock was helping a friend out with his computer. I was replacing some parts when he turned it on to "See if it would do anything now" well, it did do something, but it wasn't really nice.. :)

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