Childhood Tales

oh! what a childhood i had

broken homes and insecurity

fighting parents and unfriendly neigbourhood

as fragile as i was

a child brought into this wilderness

this wilderness man call life

filled with inequities and distress

day and night cold and fear engulf me

no hope for tommorrow

yet i strive to survive


oh! what a childhood i had

violently abused by divorce, separation death and fighting parents

raped of love and a happy home

as violence fear and loneliness engulf me

a child deprive of happiness i was

a victim of circumstances

in all, i could only watch the evil that unfold before my eyes

alone i was ,on a stormy sea


oh! what a childhood i had

a lonely child with many friends

also victims of circumstances

who care less of their fate

they fight and use violent languages

immitating what they've heard and seen

but yet i refuse to succumb to this

i planned my strategies with great faith

that future generation don't suffer the same fate 


  • Cheeky Missy

    Indeed, what a lifetime of a nightmarish Oh, if your desire indeed might be granted that you offer a gentler future to the next generation,....and yet the entire world is crumbling. You expressed it plainly and 'tis poignant....a sober, bittersweet reflection...sweet in the cheerful hope to overcome.

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