The Bus Man

I saw a man in the bus

He was so poor and fully crushed

He wanted some food from us

But we had nothing on the bus

We think that we should help him

We buy some food to give him

He was so happy at that time

Help some one is not a crime

But his condition was not good

Because he didn’t get even two time food

Bus conductor asking him for ticket

Because he was sit on front seat

He said I have no money for it

So conductor ask him than why u sit

We decided to buy a ticket for him

Because he was poor and not in dream

Now his bus stop was coming near

He was either happy or full of fear

We feel very very sorry for him  

Need to do something for his dream

His dream was only food of two times

Can any one full fill his dream one time?

Think when you are going for take food

Can u do something for this type of manhood? 



  • Cheeky Missy

    Wow. What a poignant tale! Poor fellow. Glad you all took pity on him and helped him as much as you could. Thanks for this depiction of the poor and the example we ought to live. For your second line, perhaps instead of "...full of crush" you try "...fully crushed"? Same syllable count and probably expresses your idea a bit better...? Either way, I enjoyed it.

    • Peggi

      Thanks i will ......

      • Cheeky Missy

        Of course, I can say none other than....excellent! Thanks...I personally think it is improved.

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