Life throws a lot at you

It can bring joy or bring tears

I take everyday as it comes

Gotta live more & not on someone else’s fears


Take every single day as a blessing

You don’t know what lies around the corner

Need to fix up, look sharp & quit the messing


You got what it takes to work hard like a foreigner

Don’t end up a wasteman

Such a waste of your character

Strive to be great, you are great but you can be greater

Greater than him, greater than her

Greater you will be, just wait and see


It’s all in your mind how far you can go

Close your eyes, imagine, and visualize your goal

There aint nothing that can stop you

When your minds set in focus

Clear the bull; use your mind as a tool

See it; achieve it, alakazam, hocus-pocus

It’s not as simple as magic trick

If your mind aint right

All you want to be is a big prick

If your mind aint bright.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Ah, your delightful motivational speeches....! As if the world is ours for the taking, if we would only work to capture the throne we might rule the universe!!! As if the power lies entirely in our hands....not in the Lord's....and where He grants us the succeed for a moment in time....all thanks to Him. I enjoy your boyishly optimistic motivational speeches with that pinch of realistic salt.

    • Nexuscjt

      Wow. I finding that an amazing talent that you're able to unravel and breakdown my poems, when half the time when writing them I feel they don't make sense. lol @ " ...that pinch of realistic salt". It is all in your mind how far you can go!
      Thanks for the comment and I also enjoy reading them!

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