Silent Tears

At night i cry
no one hears
no one listens
no one looks
and no one sees

At night i scream
in my pillow
in my heart
in my mind
and in my soul

At night im sad
im tortured
im laughed at
im told im fat
and im scared

At night i cut
i play the violin
i cry in pain
i replay and replay
and i watch blood leak out

At night i huddle in the dark
afraid of something
afraid of myself
afraid of lonelyness
and afraid of you

At night i let loose
my pain
my fears
my sould
and my silent tears...!!

AT NIGHT, YEAH ONLY AT NIGHT..................


  • Briana

    you are not the only one that feels that pain. I know where you're coming from all i can say is that at the end of whatever you are going through things will turn out to be fine.

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