erin wynette

confession's of the heart

I thank God for giving you
And I thank you for loving me too
To forget you, I will never do
till forever i will stay with you!

  “I LOVE YOU”, the words I will say forever
Believe me there will be no other
I love you and I will always will
i love you always i swear!..


things sometimes get rough
but no matter what happens i will never give up
coz you are the only one in my mind and heart
am yours, and you're mine, i promise, we'll never part!


  • Cheeky Missy

    Very sweet impassioned confession of an ardent lover....may the promise of forever and the sweetness never die, but strengthen all through time, I suppose, only by the merciful gracious allowance of the Lord, to keep the two so true forever.

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