So cold am I human

Can block feelings out & not give a damn

Am I machine or really human?

Can end you in the blink of an eye

I don’t want to be machine only human

So I can love, hate, cry & have feeling

So I can laugh now & cry later


Think I’m really just only human

I’m plagued with misery, defeat, I’m just a dreamer

One mission, one motive, follow your programming

You’ve been told, obey your instructions

Don’t question, accept even if it’s confusing

All you do is follow


Look for weaknesses, you find it lies in everything

Look for a target, aim, get ready for delivery

Before you foolishly play it safe, it’ll end in your misery

Being human do I need its weaknesses?

Or are they the things which makes me a man?


  • Cheeky Missy

    Ah, excellently fitting very chilling...a living machine, which you so perfectly expressed in the first stanza. La, how coldly hard people can be, so calculating and hateful. Your struggle is fascinating and aptly a world of relativity. The concluding consideration is interesting. The weaknesses don't make a "man" it seems to wee me, but having them is excellently the answer to the opposing cold machine. Very nicely written reflection. I enjoyed it.

    • Nexuscjt

      Thanks Cheeky Missy, glad you enjoyed it & understood it! 🙂

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