the journey of man to the way

rajat mahaych

with my heart open
walking alone and singing a song
its been too much long
i was just looking for love
and i thought that i was not wrong
but who made me realize the pain
who told me that theres all in vain..........
i really dont know that it was true
why you came and tell me who are you
say that you are for good to me
and will show me the way
tonight you will light my path please say
because i dont know where to go and how much to fall
with loving hands over i can hear the call
who have told me that love is strange
i thought its pure and make me change
who have told me that i was wrong
walking alone just few aside long
oh tell me who has told me this

Indeed, and who now has told you all this?
Walking alone and singing your song
Waiting and hoping that love would not miss
But find you and sweetly bring you along
To better and brighter days than you've seen.
Yet what of this pain I hear you speak of
I pray now, dear sir, do say what you mean
You also alluded to
Where does such transience fit cheapening?
For love is forever, promising true,
If otherwise, then of love do not sing.
For love endures ever, yea it renews,
And growing e'er brighter, it strengthens its bonds
Through trials and tears, allaying every fear
While steadfastly cleaving, never desponds,
Triumphantly showing it's metal I hear
Is purest gold, passing through fire unscathed
And losing but dross, purified ever sweet
Remains glorified. Of this you have made
Your journey you say, all for dear love to meet.

for that smooth rain drop
i felt it on on my face like first pearl
and the magic began with me
i saw you dancing in your own
but you kept quite because you were feared
may be i was not there but i felt you around me
with wonderful bliss, with lovely smile
how may i tell you that this is my first ever love
with time around i was not holding enough
all was the sweet pain but i would treat this crush

Ah, how delectably you speak of love!
Falling upon you like rain from above,
Swirling about you like scented sweet mists.....
Yet what of this pain that you say still persists?
Did love pass you by, tantalizingly sweet,
Eluding your grasp, your gaze she'd ne'er meet?
Indeed, you've been smitten...a crush did you say?
It all came so subtly in a rush in one day?
Too good to be true, just a vision it proved?
Delectable loveliness, and your heart deeply moved?
Alas, that t'was only a uncaught
Do now you inquire how such love is bought?

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