Cheeky Missy

Enjoy Just Being TWENTY!

Enjoy this age, for it's unique: 
This one year that you're twenty......
They have a name for ev'rything
As "tots," and "in-betweens," and "teens,"
"Adults," and "middle-aged".....but see
For this one year you are quite free---
For it fits NOWHERE, exactly! 
The labels next year start to be: 
"Adult" from hereon to eternity.
Thus, see THIS age is quite unique....
So do enjoy just being twenty!!!! 



  • sarah

    beautiful...waitin to be twenty...seems like some fun rite?

    • Cheeky Missy

      Oh, I suppose, really so much of life is fun, seriously. It all depends on your perspective sometimes, it seems. I foolishly longed for so many years to be twenty, that I coined the phrase for myself anyway, that "twenty years=forever" or something to that effect.


      TWENTY is a wonderful age and one we all anticipate or pass through. Its like being TEN only twice as good. When a person becomes 20 they are no longer a TEENAGER and can (maybe for the first time) feel grown up. Thanks - HEXAGON.

      • Cheeky Missy

        Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment, I quite enjoyed it. I reckon all were enjoyable, ten, teens, and twenty. Speaking of feeling grown-up, I spent the latter half of my twentieth year in eager anticipation of becoming an adult officially, with a dread of what that might entail.

      • Alexandre Landsley

        young as ever!!

        • Cheeky Missy

          Thanks very much for your comment...but you got me....what do you mean?

          • Alexandre Landsley

            No matter what the age we all are young inside

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