Missing Love

I always think of you in my heart,
Which is not so smart.
Because if i do, then i'll lust,
and then, turn into dust.
You were always there,
but we are so seperated, its not fair!
I think your so great at everything
which makes you so amazing!
I have a erge or wanting to kiss you,
but im just not sure if you have any flu's,
As i am in Hawaii, imagining how amazing, if we could have a honey moon,
But i shouldn't because it most likely won't come soon.
We arn't that close,
but i guess the love is strong? i suppose?
I just really can't wait for you to go on line!
But i'd rather go out with you and dine.
When will we ever see eachother again?
i reall want to know when!
My words can't explain how much i miss you,
but please dont think i don't care.
I think im so into you!
can't you tell, with all these clues!
i want to cry!
and i hope you know why.
As I walk, I imagine you by my side
But as it fades, I feel as if I just died.
I feel so lonely without you
If we were together There would be so much we can do!
Are you going to make me grow onto another girl!
And make me start over!
Why do I feel so much this way
Its better we be farther away
I hope we can meet soon
Before the next new moon.
As I say fair well
There goes the computer ,shut down bell.

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