The sun shines, the darkness falls,
silence echos,
Though no one feels the warmth the laughter, the day subsides,
and still the pain of losing;
is still encased in thoughts of you,
Time will ease the feel of you,
Not the memories, there still a part,
The process takes day by day, leaves are falling,
seasons change
Darkness falls.

The world goes round and "life" goes on,
Somehow, even for me,
Yet something died when I lost you,
And "life" thus altered seems---
Mere shadows of what once I was:
The spring is no more sweet;
And summer's lost its carefree joy;
Autumn's colourful leaves
Crunch forbodingly underfoot
Winter's death now chills me.....
The colour all went out of life
And now I drag my feet.....

its been like this since you're gone
into the cold autumn no warmth no sun
since this spring transformed....
like the dusk and dawn bond...
with your face behind the clouds the other world
with you gone, twilight seized life's glow and gold
and i sip every drop ; while in dark turned off lights,
salt water flow heal more than rum these nights ..

How can life go on for others?
It's beautiful no more.
And what is this I'm living?
You're on another shore.
A shadow merely of myself
A whisper of existence,
A dream that formerly was life
A nightmare now insistent.
I try to live and walk but breath
Seems taken from my being.
I have no joy in beauty now
I have lost everything
Defining "life"...and now what's left?
Hope's so much a part of "life"
And how of hope I am bereft
You're gone what's left?...this strife
To explain why I'm still here,
Why I wake up every day,
Why there's beauty in the world
Since all I loved is gone away...

  • Authors: glovid, Chic George, sarah
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  • Finished: March 22nd, 2011 03:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Category: Reflection
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