Coming of the Black Marsh


As tempest is drawing near, lightning strikes from the skies.

The Elements are trembling; Earth, Fire and Ice.

Blackened rain is coming down; Heavy it will fall.

The clouds will rest eternally upon you all.


When the oceans rise, it will come from the depths.

Blood colors the shores; Along with destruction and death.

Poisoned water will run through your veins.

Filling your heart with anguish and pain.


Can you feel the Black Marsh coming?

Can you feel it grasp for your souls?


As the ground opens it will come from beneath.

Perish in the flames of it's fiery heath.

To ashes you'll burn, bu the flames from it's sands.

Engulfed in fire comes sky and land.


Come on down, travel along it's path.

Be welcomed to the Marsh's bloodbath.


It rises from the darkened planes and through the raging fire.

Cleansing all your lives, hanging your souls from it's spire.

You're bodies will suffer from horrifying torture.

And those who stand resilient; from an everlasting scorcher.


From the shadowside of the rotten tree of life,

decomposing roots will climb to battle and to strife.

It will strike from the ground, strike from the sky.

It strikes from beyond, untill the living die.


Come on down, travel along it's path.

Be welcomed to the Marsh's bloodbath.




  • Cheeky Missy

    My word! What a vile contemplation! And 23:49 was not the best time for reading it freely...too eerie a time for such things! La! This is excellently creepy, and devilish. The fascinating thing is that the earth is to be destroyed by fire, the Word of God says,...but I don't think it will be from the imaginary black marsh. Very interesting!

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