Cheeky Missy

Hey! I Miss YOU!

"Your eighteenth birthday came and went...
Yet not a card to you I sent...."
(But when I did, it had a rhyme
That took up very many lines!) 

A decade later who has time
To write or read so MANY lines? 
Do you? 

I've tried to keep in touch with you, 
But busy lives find minutes few, 
Or scarce, or none at all, I know, 
To just say "Hi! How does all go?"

Yet still should we let friendships die, 
That childishly we'd pledged would thrive
Until the end of time? I s'pose.
For that is how I've found it goes.

But say, I do remember you...
The fun we had as children too.
Our lives were never much the same; 
So now we're older...what has changed? 

I'll tell you!...Now I'm chasing you! 
And saying, please for me spare moments few?! 
To bring back mem'ries of old times, 
To say "I'm thus and such....I'm fine."????



  • meigh

    great job.

  • Emilou G.

    Best friends are best friends, no matter what! No time length can change friendship. It is always there, it may sometimes sleep but that friendship will wake up one day and find a way to grow. SMILE! THE DAY IS GOD'S NEW GIFT!

    • Cheeky Missy

      Thank you very much for your kind comment!

    • Bandiras86

      Really amazing... piece of art

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