My Erotic Love For You!

baby i want you to hold me..

and I want you to caress my body..

every inch of my curves..

i want YOU to satisfy...

Don't get mistaken,

of how curves are inescapable,

beckoning you to come closer..

baby don't be humble..

baby shut up and...

come and enjoy my bundle of...


You know you want it..

don't fake it...

get off on it...

throw on..

some Marvin Gaye..

Put down some champagne..

and lets...

do this over...

and over...

and over


so we can make love..

yes so we can make that..


and never forget..

this desirous..

this erotic..

this lustful night..

so sit back..

and enjoy..

cuz you're about to go...

on a hell of a ride...


  • Cheeky Missy

    Indeed, it is erotic. Very well done in that category. Bravo.

  • Dolphine29

    I second that!!!! I just love the feeling.
    Nice poem!!!!

  • lynn

    nicely put to the point yet inviting to your lover. Awsome poem. Love the way you said what you intended. Great poem!

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