just as i peep through the envelop
i feel your gentle smell spin up
closing, i take it bit closer to my heart
listening to beats to rhythm you give a start

Like butterflies all fluttering,
My heart reads all you wrote
It's funny your love uttering
Has made in me its home

and as i hold it close to my eyes
i see an angelic face that sighs
reading through the lines i picture
your enchanting voice whisper

How is it, but just like a mist
Swirling scented round me now
I hear your voice...we've almost kissed
You're here with me somehow

o yes we kissed we sure kissed
as i touched it with my lips,
now can you feel cold just tell me,
missing you i just drop a tear see

The tear, it dropped on your parchment
And moistened it; all groovy and bent
Surely nothing can be so pleasing a moment
Than when a smile comes with a tear spent

Tell me, darling is my tear upon your face?
Our hearts though distance keeps apart
Their rythm beat in tango, lessening the space;
How I long to be right in your arms

How I long to caressed by you
To be the luckiest of the lucky few
Oh that you knew my heart
It is right there; a part of your heart!

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  • Belinda AMeharry

    Very well done. I like it so much. Thankyou!

  • Anna

    Oh, this is incredibly sweet~

  • rajat mahaych

    its awsome
    really touching work
    i appreciate

  • baj-a

    such a beautiful and gentle reminder of what love is all about. well written.

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