Crisp and crunch its alive its fresh

Yes I can feel you no chaos no mess

There's a clear picture on my window

You belong with me now I do know


I feel in you with the morning breeze

You are my first thought when all others freeze

I get out of the bed just thinking of you

A look in the mirror is sure to do


And focusing on work now seems far fetched

Eyes open or closed you're there I'm engaged

Hopes are all that you were around

Just your warm hugs could make me sound


I smile for no reason just can't help it

Concentration is costly no price can meet

Every second someone stays in my thought

Can't master my heart; brain I can not!


Eyes so fixed a formality to make a show

Because I am always blind yes in love I know

What sudden change I now live for you

Every single moment you know of them too


A little happy I jump to show you

A little sad your shoulders are there too

A little sacred I know I am not alone

A little or more of everything is known


I dream of your thought every night

I smile to myself when we put up a fight

We talk senseless talks over the phone

Don’t want to put down hours are gone


You excite me with praises I'm not worthy of

You're smiling and proud even when I'm rough

It's coz you know I can't help being mad

You don’t give it up even when I let you sad


We have faith there will be future ahead

Trusting each other when alive when dead

You find out smile when I pretend to frown

Love me more so that I learn to calm down


You treat me like a princess every possible way

I come up in clouds higher and higher every day

Don’t give a sudden full stop to nurture and care

If you find out how bad I'll die you wouldn’t dare


We're not ready we've got to make pathways for future

We must learn to grow up culture relation and nurture

We ought to be strong develop entangled loop of trust

Ready to fight for our love –its heat and the lust









  • Author: sarah (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 10th, 2011 03:40
  • Category: Love
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  • Cheeky Missy

    Lust has such vile connotations that I would far prefer to call it "love," though you have doubtless aptly classified it. This is so beautifully expressive of the overwhelming passions and love, so delightfully descriptive and pleasantly rhymed. Excellent! Well-written, and very enjoyable in all it depicts.

  • sarah

    thank you very much..

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