Cheeky Missy

The "Curse"? ...of Celibacy

(sonnet attempt # XL) 


The curse of celibacy some bemoan, 
While others eagerly virginity
Embrace with open arms; such purity
Excelling lesser joys by most well-known, 
Befits the honorable, and "alone"
No curse but strength imbues:  captivity 
Eschewing, for entanglement in verity.
Such souls a higher calling make their own.
A freedom this, they welcome and rejoice.
Conversely their lamenting counterparts, 
With no deliverance in sight, oft groan, 
Unseeing th'aforesaid "pleasures" pure, their choice
Denied forever fills their minds and hearts: 
A curse they call it to be left alone.



  • meigh

    very good

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