Messenger of truth

Go ye tongue, thou lame messenger

proclaim to the young and old

the truth though bitter

For lest they die in ignorance

and their blood be upon thou head


Go ye tongue, thou lame messenger

with loud trumphet and harp

drum the truth into their head

for they might have turn deaf

lest ye be blame for their misdeed


Go ye tongue, thou lame messenger

with the naked and wicked truth

especially to the youth

whom i'm sure now have ear infection

so lest you regret not


Go ye tongue thou lame messenger

go above hills and mountain

proclaim to those who will listen

and when ye have done this

then thy hands be cleanse from judgement


  • Cheeky Missy

    Beautiful, fascinating, excellent! Reminiscent of when the Lord gave His prophets His Word to faithfully declare in spite of all, before Him. Sweet, I like it.

  • licia

    yea, it is significant to our lord Jesus Christ and the bible but i was actually referring to the youths

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