Basking in the warmth of your smile,

And the music of your laugh,

I feel your tenerness,

And your oh so wittly style.


I don't know why god blessed me,

With such a friend as you?

But it makes my pleasure complete,

And very happy too.


The way you always know me,

And exactly what to do.

When my loneliness gets me down,

And I'm so very blue.

The way you see into my soul,

And look behind my eyes.

I don't have to hide my feelings,

And put on a disguise.


With you I learned to trust,

And as a person I have grown.

Who could have possibly told me,

how could I have known?

That you would come into my life,

and my beauty would start to bloom.

Like a pretty butterfly,

I come out of my cocoon.


To share your tender heart,

The warmness of your  smile,

The courage of your wisdom,

For these I'd walk for miles.


To be thinking of  a time,

when you'd no longer be there.

For me to gaze upon in delight

and all our feelings to share,

is not acceptable to me.

Because in my life,

is where I want you to be....





  • meigh

    good job I loved it

  • Emi

    Awww, very sweet. :)

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