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The wall of Emi7

  • Anna

    Hi Emi! I haven't seen you around for a while, so I figure maybe you, like me, have gone MIA for these past few years. Wherever you are, I just wanted to send a message that I hope you're doing well! :))

    • StormyDay

      Happy Birthday girl, sorry for the tardiness.

        • Emi

          Thank you! It's no problem. 🙂

        • Dolphine29

          Happy Birthday!!!!

            • Emi

              Thanks. 🙂 🙂

            • Jalso

              happy birthday

                • Emi

                  Thanks Jalso. 🙂

                • broken_dreams23

                  Happy birthday! Hope it's amazing (:

                    • Emi

                      Thank you!! 🙂

                    • Mahesh Mooda

                      Guys,I am a new user,could you pls tell me how to publish my poem,I tried but its appearing as an Essay but Not as Stanza wise pls do help me

                        • Emi

                          On the left hand side of the your page it should say "User". Under "User", click Control Panel (it's also on the top of the page next to your name and "Profile"). It should say things like "Public Profile", "Private Messages", "Edit Your Data", etc. You want "Publish Your Poems" and there should be link at the bottom of that box that says "Publish poem" and there you go! 🙂 Then you want to paste in your poem, give it a title, perhaps give it a category, put in a picture or a video, write a comment about what it means to you, and then at the bottom of the page click "Publish poem", and it's published! 🙂

                        • Julian Yanover

                          Welcome to Poems and Poetry!

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