Jennifer Teresa Nunes

Where Shall I lay?

Walking down the hall
Middle of the night
Reaching out these hand
For someone to hold on tight

Searching in the dark
Couldn't find you there
Waiting for your touch
Should've known you never cared

Burning inside
Melting in the pain
Can't control the fight
Driving in the wrong lane
Insane, you're to blame, no remains

Standing here again
Outside of this head
Feelings and these thoughts
Are dried up and dead

So I talk to the wall
As I sit in the hall
A craddled life
To a suicide call

On the waiting list
Tarnishing away
One last kiss
Where shall I lay?



written by: Jennifer Teresa Nunes


  • Emi

    Awww, very sad. :( This is wonderfully written - beautiful job! I would give it a 10/10 if I could rate it. Definitely one of my favorites on this site. :)

  • meigh

    I liked it very much.I would give it a 9. good job

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