i hear it though the speackers

i hear the drums and gutairs

the words come nateally

every song means something

some about love

some about feelings

some about brake ups

what ever it is find the one that you like


  • Alexandre Landsley

    Quite simple pretty good!!

  • gen

    thanks this one was for an assinment for English. I had to read three of my poems and if they were that long they would be more personaly then i want to share with the people that make my life misuble.thats kinda y this one is so simple. thank you for commenting it means a lot to me.

  • Anna

    This is an awesome poem! XD I really love music too... My mom gets annoyed sometimes because I'm always listening to my MP3 -.-"
    You did a brilliant poem, and it's such a shame that if you show emotion, people eat you... EAT you?! O_o

    • gen

      Thank you! That means a lot to me. My parents get annoyed with me to when i have headphones in my ears at all haha. But i sing to the music and i'm kind of loud when i have headphones in. LOL!
      figure of speech lol they were bullies and it was hard to not write thing that would give me away that i was in pain until i wrote alone and that made them stop :. but i'm at another school now :D.

    • karen

      2 points off for the wrong spellings but still it was good.

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