Senseless wonder, joyous laughs,

I hide my suffering among the rafts.

Broken melodies, a soft song rings,

Chanting rhythms, with them I sing.


Meaningless words, forcefully broken,

Why take my heart, my only token?

Heartless smiles, an adult figure lies,

Secretly plotting for me to die.


I think of you each time I look at a star,

And I wonder when I’ll win this war.

I am just another sad story,

That is lost on a long journey.


With tears in my eyes, and fear in my soul,

I feel like my life has lost its goal.

The pain is too much to be real,

And so my heart won’t heal.


Still smiling to myself, always thinking of you,

It’s true you’ve become someone I highly value.

Thinking of you each day, dreaming of you at night,

Knowing when were together, my life will shine so bright.


I keep longing to be in your arms,

Cause then I’ll know I’m safe, there’ll be no harm.

To cuddle in a sweet embrace,

To kiss you upon your lips, trail kisses across your face.


So what does it mean to love? What does it mean to die?

Why chase after angels, when I know I’ll never fly?

Eyes on an angel, perfect in every way.

When she’s near, I choked on words to say.


I keep hearing these voices, I don’t know why?

I hear them at night, is it coming from the sky?

And I wake up in the morning, to live another day,

With no limitations, of what you can possibly say.


So tell me of the love you dream,

And I’ll tell you what it’ll be.

Tell me of the one you want,

And I’ll pray that it’ll be me.


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