Dead Crow

Who Broke the Looking Glass? A Question for Alice.

Alice, oh Alice,

just what has she done?

I saw the white rabbit,

but where has she gone?

That damn Cheshire cat

has convinced her to change;

now the chatter amongst the flowers,

is polluted and strange.

She’s stolen the walrus

and the carpenter’s work shoes;

laced the tea with mushrooms

and now mad hatter sings the blues.

She pushed humpty dumpty

off the wall as a joke

and laughed and pointed

as he lost all his yoke.

She dyed her dress red with stolen roses

to mock the red queen

and only her purple aviators

know where she’s been.

Under the bridge

her and the Cheshire,

chase the jabberwok.

Our dear Alice isn’t lost,

she’s belligerent, she’s fucking tossed.

Toe up on the train,

sweating in the rain

and when the sun comes up

she shivers in pain.

Alice and the Cheshire

are hooked on cupcakes and pills;

last night they painted

the white knight

black just for thrills.

In their wake I follow,

watching their downfall is hard to swallow;

what I fear most

is she’ll see no tomorrow.

They’ve left a trail

littered with small piles of empty vials

which lead to the caterpillar

whom they owe three thousand dollars.

I tried to save Alice

but it seems I am late;

for the red queen has caught her,

now her heads on a plate.


  • Cheeky Missy

    La dee dah. But you do write well! What an awful but perfect depiction! Excellent! Your topics are not the greatest, but so perfectly executed they are a delight to read for their apt portrayals. Marvelous. I enjoyed it!

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