If today.........

If today, i realized
that i loved you
that everthing you said
was always the thruth.
If today, i knew
what i knew then
what i found out of life
and that you were my friend.
If today, i foud out
why i was like this
why i always pushed you away
and why i couldnt see.
If today, i saw you
i would run up to you
i would hold you with force
and never let you go.
If today, you left
and were never seen again
and never triend to reach me
then you really werent my friend.
If today, i think
about how life was
about how things ended
then things went to far.
So now, i really know that
life is never what it seems
life is so hopeless
and so full of  lost dreams.
If today, i should die
i pray that you are not near
i pray that you wont judge me
because i had so much fear.
I realized, i knew, i found out, i saw you, you left, i think, i know that, i should die.
  • Author: Lonelykaren (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 7th, 2011 15:20
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  • Category: Sad
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