No More

How could it be so dark with all of this light?

Why am I chained to the ground while you’re in flight?

You left me in this cage but you took the key

And no one hears my pleas to be set free


How could it be so silent with all of this din?

Why do I persist to play a game I will never win?

I lost many years ago, but still I continue to try

I could jump a million times, but I will never fly


How could it be so dry with all of this rain?

Why do I always wonder when you made it very plain?

When you left you took my happiness and my soul

And I have never since recovered what you stole


How could I be so forlorn when you’re so pleased?

Why didn’t I guard my heart before you had it seized?

You ignited everything I knew and loved before

And now I can live and love no more 



  • broken_dreams23

    )': so sad...yet incredibly amazing! good job...

    • Emi

      Thank you. 🙂

    • Anna

      Oh gosh... this is embarrassing....
      I don`t normally cry when I read something, but this is just too much.... I love this poem.
      Gosh, I`ve never felt so many emotions in one night, but by reading your poems.... I think I`ve broken the world record :`)

      • Emi

        Haha thanks. 🙂 Try not to be sad though....

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