just dont know anymore

i feel so lost in this big world

i just dont know what to do

i pray and pray

do you hear me god?

i'm so lost i need you

it feels like everything i've ever known is crumbling before my eyes

and there isn't a thing i can do about it

people say they care about me

but i know they are just saying it to say it

they dont actually give a fuck

so i walk my lonely path once again

someone save me

i cant take it much longer

i live in a world full of people

and yet i feel so alone

like i dont exist

i just want to disappear right now

its not like anyone would notice

i hang around with a bunch of people

that dont really care what i have to say

or care what i think

they are so consumed by dumb shit to even see that im in pain

like that stupid fashion show

what "friends" i have

i dont know what to do anymore

i really dont 

im stuck

i cant ever catch a break

bad stuff keeps happening

so much has happened

why wont it stop

why wont it leave me alone

i feel like ive gone insane

im losing my mind

i cant deal with anything else right now

i just cant

im hanging on by a thred...

cant even keep it together to do my homework

i think i have lost it

at this point... i just dont know

the only person that can make it all better

or at least ease the pain

is all the way on the other side of the world while im stuck here

alone by myself

crying my eyes out

i miss him so much i need him more than he knows

(<<<<<<<<<< to be continued >>>>>>>>>>>>)

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