Coming of the Antichrist


Heed these words my brethern, as the Antichrist appears.

We'll engulf this world in slaughter; Bathing in blood we cheer.

Antichrist our savior, reveal your evil plans.

Let us walk your ways and crush the holy lands.


The offerings we place; While Evil we evoke.

The antichrist looked down on us; With dreaded voice he spoke:


"Brothers of the dark, Disciples of the black.

It is time for heaven, to face our last attack.

We'll go into the night; In shadows we will creep.

We shall strike the angels dead; Eternal tears they weep.


And when the heavens burn, all the angels fall.

We ride towards the earth; Unholy we kill all!"


By then we heard an noise; A march of holy men.

Carrying their savior's statue; On the cross he hang.

They hold their crosses high; Spreaking words so good.

But their words would be denied; On defiled land they stood.


You made a foul decision, that our master much dislikes.

His words provoke the clouds and blood red lightning strikes.


"How dare you march at me, you whores of Jezus Christ!?

I'll have your bodies mangled and all your organs sliced.

I could have your fingernails pulled out; One by one.

Rape your miserable wife; Sacrifice your son.


But I find so little pleasure in your physical pain.

I want to see your souls in torment; Driving you insane.


I'll watch your churches burn and laugh as you weep.

Set fire on your brethern as they lay fast asleep.

I'll desecrate your virgin daughters; Make them love their sin.

I'll massacre your religion; Sacrilegious I will win!"


With that he raised his hand; Engraved with 666.

And all his followers stepped forward, to bring APOCALYPSE!



  • Cheeky Missy

    Ugh! How awful! La, but you exercise quite the imagination of devilish masterminds! Eerie and hauntingly creepy.....I know not what they think, so cannot say whether this is true to life or not. It is definitely devilishly horrible! Yet, for all the churches preach a false gospel, mayhap it has some leanings of truth, but not in the so obvious ugliness of it, you know? Christianity is corrupt, yet apparently not so obviously horrible, unless you begin to take a closer look, yet not so bloody, seems to little me.

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