down to earth i watch and weep

lonely and distress with sorrow

but in all i could only watch

as destruction unfold before my eyes

like a tree i stood and watch

as my fruit go wayward astray

oh! what an awful thing to watch

As then thorns bit their flesh

Orphan beggars and dropout

i feel their fears and hear their wails

but in all i could only watch

as future leaders go astray

and become whores robbers and touts

force by hunger rejection and insecurity

to do nothing but stay alive

but in all they die and wither

their remains to vultures and hawk

but they leave their mark behind

another being to walk this wilderness

this wilderness man call life

to eat dust  and sleep in the cold bed of insecurity

to suffer  the sin of their ancestors

and return to dust where they are from


  • sarange Ondieki

    wow! its really coming from ua hrt.i like it gal! kip up.

  • licia


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