Take your chances; you’ll get back on your feet

You are a natural born fighter

You’ll always somehow make ends meat

You are a soul survivor

You are blessed; no cuss can ever hold you down

You are always loved

You’ll make it through, never alone

Don’t wear that frown!


I want to be break free from the lies

Face facts & deal with my issues

Prioritize my dreams, my life, and my hopes

Including making much better choices


  • Cheeky Missy

    It's so delightfully characteristically you! The pep talk for when you're feeling low. The thing is.....the first line of stanza two....breaking free from lies then draws the first stanza into the net to examine....being a natural fighter doesn't mean you'll always be successful and make ends meet, you know? I agree, making better choices does seem to hinge on knowing the truth as opposed to being deceived by lies, which dreams unfortunately frequently are (from experience). I enjoyed it.

    • Nexuscjt

      Thanks for the feedback. Always nice to hear another grounded point of view. I know being a natural born fighter doesn't mean you'll always be successful and make ends meet. Thats requires brains, wit & hunger and sometimes a helping hand. Glad you liked the poem.

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