Locked up and concealed in chain

Their light covered by merciless rain

Perchance thoughts are best left in mind

And countenance better left resigned


Eating slowly away at vulnerable soul

Never once imagining their toll

Yet refusing still to be ever revealed

Forming scars never to be healed


In the darkness with thoughts I’m alone

These secrets are set in eternal stone

Shivering in the prevailing storm and gale

Under weight of riddles, mind is frail


In a universe of tears I feel so small

Into a pit of helplessness I continue to fall

I still strive to find my imaginary worth

Worth not found in secrets’ wicked mirth


However I try, they will not be set to flame

Confining me to the prisoner I once became

Lonely and forgotten in a prison of regret

Tormented by the secrets that I cannot forget




  • broken_dreams23

    Love it!!! :)

    • Emi

      Thanks. :)

    • Anna

      Once again, you`ve taken my breath away.... I really hope that I`ll become just as good as you! You deserve all these 10s you`re getting! ........ I`m gonna go read it again!!

      • Emi

        Haha thanks! And again, you're already pretty amazing at writing!! :)

      • Hribhu Dey

        loved reading this unique creation Dear!

        • Emi

          Thank you! :)

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