Inside & out assessment

I find I’m above average!


So its time to stop underestimating myself, self doubt

From appearance & on paper

I’m well above average

Time to wake up and stop disbelieving

That I’m incapable because it’s a lie


I’m more than capable to aspire and achieve

Soar to great heights

It may be genetic, it may stem from my DNA

Or it may be because I’m energetic

Back me in a corner, you find I don’t play


Know the truth; you’re doing well at whatever you’re doing

Keep positive always aspire

With love, Patience & time you can finally get rid of that acquired frown


Look back & smile on your struggles

Time will always heal the scars

Smile at the misery, the pain, hurt, defeat & bad luck

At times you could but faced obstacles, sometimes getting stuck


But you will remember, true happiness doesn’t come without a price

For every moment that lead you to your goal

Made you stronger, it made you wise


So I will sing, sing about my struggles

Because I only survived

If I don’t sing, sing with my heart & soul

Means I’ve giving up striving



Life has thrown its blows; I’m knocked out, stopped fighting

But as God as my witness, my shield, weapon, also my weakness

Loose my way but never get lost

Born resilient, I’ll make it through at all costs


Need to stop tearing myself down

Make a move, fly outta this town!


  • Cheeky Missy

    I love your author's note in particular because it lends perspective on this latest pep talk. Exercise is wonderfully refreshing, if done well, and invigorating, making us feel more invincible sometimes than we did before we began. It has a way of making us feel freer and more able to think clearly, breathe deeply and conquer our world. Therefore this talk stemming from it is all to perfectly understandable. And yet, and yet.
    Isn't it, if compared to the Word of God, a grave deceit in ever believing so highly of our little sinful selves? It is not so much that we are average or above average or below, but that if we are God's we are strong in Him. It seems to little me that it is pride which bolsters us with such sermons, and pride goes before destruction, according to God's Word. And yet pride seems perpetually at my side, guiding me ever into destruction, telling me I am so cool and smart and etc. I hope I have not been proud in this lengthy note. Please forgive me if I have said anything amiss.

    • Nexuscjt

      I hear you. Thanks for the comment!

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