This Feeling

The sadness will never really end,

There's no one who I can truly depend.

The music's blasting in my ears,

But it still won't rid me of my fears.


The lights are out, the doors are closed,

It's my little secret; no one knows.

It's not like they'd care anyway,

Don't want to stay here for another day.


The happiness comes; then quickly dissipates,

Can't hold it in, the sadness precipitates.

Not gonna happen; it's not worth tryin',

I'm done with games, done with lyin'.


Can't handle it, I'd rather the pain be physical,

But it doesn't help, cause either way, I'm miserable.

Looking out the window on a cloudy day,

Not knowing what's next, or know what to say.


No more promises, or being led on,

Maybe it'd be best if I was just gone.

Harder and harder to fall asleep,

Laying silently between the cold sheets.


Don't see the point, it all seems shot,

I can't use something, I just don't got.

Because when you minus one from one,

With me you'll always end up less than none.


  • Emi

    So sad and so amazing... Be happy...

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