All that is Needed

Run back in time, and reveal your worst enemy,

Foretell the future and find your remedy,

Pick yourself up when you get knocked to the ground,

And see that what’s been lost is already found.



The hours stretch, and the tide takes over,

Unless you let the light pushes this dark endeavour.

Right back to when it started, to the beginning of time,

When things maybe simpler, but stars un-aligned.



Sulk all you want, and wait till it’s done,

But without your minds sword, you’ll never see the sun.

A single battle and your shield will be broken,

A thousand times over, as you’re guard is open.



The taste of Iron can’t help you along,

To nowhere else but here, do you belong.

In your hands your entire life can pass in a second,

But what’s the use to ask for such a beckon.



Here you are, sitting alone,

Little do they know your shaking hands with the stone?

That will hang over your head, while you sleep forever,

My hands are shaken as I read this letter.



Run, run, run, quickly before,

The end of the light that begged for an encore.

Hurry, before all hope is lost,

Find the solution by any means or cost.



Stop, think of what you are doing!

The trigger is not your friend, it's telling you you're losing!

Instigating forever, this dark may be,

But nothing matters, but us, can't you see?



Think of the times, the gold we've imagined,

Together as one, when they called us old fashioned.

When we would dance in the spot light, until the sky cracks to dawn.

And move to the music, and all the problems are gone.



Darling you’re my angel, the realm of my art,

Two ears to eyes, but we share the same heart.

I love you too much to just let you fly away,

So leave that to the ravens, and live for today.



Look deep inside; I know its present,

Behind the dark walls, there’s always something pleasant.

And if not, know this, that at the end of the tunnel,

I’ll be there waiting always, at the tip of the funnel.



The thorns of agony rip through your skin,

And tear it from your bones, as the devil he grins.

And laughs at your misfortune and manipulated highlights,

And tries to grab your hand, as you enter the twilight.



But let go, realise finally,

That I’m here for you, forget your rivalry,

March to the exit, and the following tension,

Take my hand instead, and I’ll give you attention.



Fallen into my arms, you have since then,

The light you’ve witnessed will be everlasting when,

Finally the world has come to a pause,

And recognizes your pain, and proves it, in applause.



Your lips are dry and are in need of sustenance,

Our embrace lasts forever; your scars don’t, hence.

I pleaded to the gods, to have you set free,

And they’ve answered in triumphant, righteous mercy.



You see my love; all we need is each other,

Taken to long, has that been to discover.

You may see the dark more than once now and then,

But just know that I’m here, until the blood stained end.


  • Emi

    Very sweet. 🙂 I love it. 🙂

  • Hribhu Dey

    nice flow...and natural rhythm...GREAT!

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