Take a Risk

We hear the heart’s music loud and clear

It’s playing every second of every single year

Yet we’re standing here and just stealing a glance

Can we take a risk, and dance just one dance?


Staring at you, more than arm’s reach away

Overcome by feelings we’ve been afraid to betray

We’re not moving forward at this measured pace

Can we take a risk, and share just one embrace?


We’re still hopelessly lost, praying to be found

We’re standing here silent in a world of sound

All of this wasted time with waiting has beset

Can we take a risk, and sing just one duet?


We’re standing static yet our hearts are speeding

They’re racing and running, begging and pleading

They’re singing and chanting, soaring as doves

Can we take a risk, and share just one love?



  • broken_dreams23

    good job! :) i love it

    • Emi

      Thanks. :)

    • Hribhu Dey

      What a piece Dear! luv Hribhu

      • Emi

        Thank you. :)

      • Anna

        Oh my gosh! This was a beautiful poem. I can`t really explain, but somehow, this poem makes me feel a lot better after all my friend drama. This poem is.... well, there isn`t really any words to describe it, or how it makes me really feel. All I can say is that; it`s so vibrant, colorful, happy and delicate. I love it to bits!

        • Emi

          Haha thank you so much! :)

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