The Past!!

Long ago
in a far away time.
In a long depressing journey
i commited a crime.
I walked along the pavement.
Moving in a zig zag way
Moving up and down
and enjoying my day.
When suddendly there you stood.
looking me from head to toe
you said i came to take you
and i said "what for".

something in my voice angered you
for you grabbed me by the hair
i screamed and i cried
everyone just stared.

You said "dont worry folks
she ran away but now shes going home."
"i just came to get her,
shes the woman i adore"

I didnt want to go
but i had no choice
i couldnt do anything
since i had no voice

you put me in your car
tied my hands and wrist
i tried to fight you
but my face connected with your fist.

i awoke n a cold place
laying on a bed
i looked around
when suddenly you said

"its about time
youve been asleep for day
how can you be so lazy,
have you nothing to say.

i tried to talk
i really did try
and when i didnt
you made me wish i died.

you hoped on the bed
shook me till i cried
slapped me across the face
and almost bled me dry.

you cut my arms
my legs and face
you said that living with you
was to be my fate.

you kissed me
i tried to push you away
i tried to run
but you made me stay.

when you were done
you untied my hands and legs
you trew me on the ground
and yelled at me to beg.

"Beg for mercy,
beg for your life
beg me to love you
and stay by your side."

"NEVER". i cried
"ill never be yours,
i dont even like you"
and i ran for the door.

you caught me
laughed in my face
told me i couldnt leave
or youd kill my sister instead

that night i cried
i felt alone and cold
i had given up
and my soul had been sold.
  • Author: Lonelykaren (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 2nd, 2011 12:33
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  • Anna

    So sadddddd.... (TT_TT)

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