I shouldn’t have played with him, I perceived,

My king was in great jeopardy,

I shouldn’t have moved impetuously,

Thinking that beating my opponent would be rather easy.


 While I looked on to the board,

Winning looked dubious for me,

I had fallen in his silly trap,

He had forked my Rook and Queen.


From outside, it looked like a tranquil land,

But when I saw it carefully,

I saw that his queen went there and gave me a check

And then it was mate in three!


The pressure was aggravating on me,

I saw my opponent’s smile as he kept incessantly  looking  at me,

As I looked to defile his plans,

All I could do was just see.


His queen looked like a multifarious machine,

And the power of his rook, I had seen,

The Knight was about to jump to mate,

While besides the rook, the bishop would lean.


I didn’t know how he attacked with such efficacy,

Maybe he was seeing a book,

Or maybe he was cheating from his friend,

Again and again in his friend’s board he would look.


The mate looked quite lucid to me,

He would see it quite easily,

His king looked quite exalted,

It looked as if he was laughing on me.


In desperation, I moved my Queen,

To check his King, who had only one move left,

Then suddenly, I had a spark in my eye,

I had seen something to save my mate.




The mate in three,

Now looked malicious to me,
The stringent rules of chess, which I hated before,

Were now the favorite rules to me.


As I saw my opponent,

He gave me a docile look,

Again and again,

His head he shook.


My opponent who was smiling before,

Now looked full of sorrow,

As he moved the forced king move,

Happily my smile I showed

At last my brain worked, I thought,

At last I had hit the deck,

I had seen it, such a beautiful combination,

It was a draw by perpetual check!




  • Emi

    Wow I really loved this one. 🙂 The only thing is that early in the poem you had said that your queen was taken, but then later you move your queen to check the king. Other than that, though, I found it quite enjoyable!

    • sudarshan

      Thanks for the comments. I had written that my opponent had FORKED my rook and queen i.e. one of the piece is sure to be cut by my opponent. But it was my move at that stage.


      • Emi

        Oh, thank you for your explanation. 🙂 I don't know much chess vocabulary... xD

      • The 13th Zodiac

        WOWOWWWOW! this was great because I love chess, and you built your poem upon this idea...

        GREAT WRITE, so deep and filled with emotions!! 🙂

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