Pure Beauty

Perfect brows and pretty lips.

Big busts and skinny hips.

Large round eyes and small straight noses.

Thin waists and cheeks like roses.

Delicate feet and good complexion.

Why does this win the mans' affection?


Sparkling eyes and no black lies.

Golden souls where hopes don't die.

Kindness to self; but also to others.

Stays true to one- doesn't go to another.

A shinning aura as pure as a dove;

This is what a man should love.


  • Emi

    Wow!!! This is really really awesome!! I love it, and it's so true! There are some guys who look for personality rather than beauty, but there are also some that only look for beauty... I really love this, it's very well done. :)

    • Anna

      That's true. But the majority looks for physical beauty.
      And thanks a bunch! (*^*)

    • lynn

      Wow you nailed this one on the head. How true about how wemen are judged by looks instead of whats in our hearts,heads and sould. This one goes beyound a 10 rating. Very well put together. I love it and enjoyed reading it.You have amazing talent with your words.

      • Anna

        Wow, ha ha, thanks! I'm pretty late in responding, but that still really means a lot to me!! Thanks!! :D

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