Switch up the charm because you’re full of it

Charisma, natural sweet talker, the ladies man

Don’t let fools tell you any different

Tell them to shut it

Leave out their negativity, unconstructive criticism

See through their bad minded plan


I have eyes but I don’t always see

Focusing on the negatives, see the light

I have ears but I don’t always hear

An echo of my fears, hear the voices, fight


I have love, it’s always gonna be right here

Waiting to be shared

So open your eyes listen, use all you senses

Don’t you want to be so much more?

& feel good everyday?


It aint easy loving me

But you can never want me as much as I want you

Don’t hold back, I know that I won’t

Don’t need to think about it

My senses tell me it’s you


So tell me, that what I’m feeling, so strong

Will end in time, not long

But it’s to you my heart belongs

Fallen head over heels

Loosing control of all my skills


It’s gone, so gone

You rendered me powerless

This feeling is new, loving it I must confess


Got me feeling half my age

You need to personally witness my fitness

Let me in, I’ll always be your weakness

The one that holds you tight

The one to caress

Time apart, leave you feeling restless.


  • Emi

    Sweet poem! Good job. 🙂

    • Nexuscjt

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading it.

    • lynn

      well written. I enjoyed reading this one. Leaves one with something to think about.

      • Nexuscjt

        Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

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